CodeAgility is a blog maintained by Barry Blessing about software architecture and development.  Barry is a software development consultant with QCI, Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa, specializing in the use of .NET technologies to provide business-value to QCI’s clients.

Discoveries and discussion-points from my journey as a software consultant. I’m an ASP.NET MVC developer (and occasionally Windows Forms) with eighteen years of experience with SQL Server, eight years with the .NET framework, and six years of experience with ASP.NET MVC / JQuery / CSS. I use C#, SQL, Python and C on the back-end.

GitHub hosts my Git source-controlled code publicly for open-source contributions. BitBucket has my private repos.

Discussion and debate is encouraged and all alternative viewpoints are welcome, yes, even if you have an enduring love for either VBScript or PHP that I will never understand or agree with.