Coffee – not Java

Coffee beans in the shape of a coffee cup. Stock Photo

When I talk about “coffee” I mean REAL coffee, the dark, rich stuff, and not just “hot brown water”, my term of “dis-endearment” for office-coffee, church-coffee, or your average low-grade convenience store coffee.  Yuck.

I generally prefer to use a normal drip coffee-maker, and I never make coffee with anything other than distilled or purified water (better) anymore to get away from the chlorine and fluoride, which influence the taste of the brew. I recently acquired a basic Keurig model (used; first generation), about five years after everyone else seems to have bought one.  I like them – maybe even a lot – but they won’t replace my drip coffee-maker for the purity and quality of brew. Keurigs are convenient, but you pay a penalty in the quality of the brewed coffee in my opinion.

That having been said, the Keurig is very convenient for my morning coffee especially, when I am under more of a time crunch.  Good coffee for me via K-cups these days comes from:

  • Gevalia – Dark Royal Roast:  Like liquid dessert, but not quite as good as Seattle’s Best, Blend No. 4
  • Folgers – Black Silk:  My daily standby in absence of the Gevalia
  • GreenMountain – Dark Magic:  Wow, that was strong…Wow!
  • Cameron’s Coffee – Highlanger Grogg:   Too light a roast, but delicious anyway
  • Cameron’s Coffee – Cinnamon Sugar Cookie:  Same; delicious
  • McCafe – Premium Roast:  As good as the drive-thru coffee; the other McCafe brews have a strange aftertaste, IMHO

That was in order of preference if I have all of them at the ready in my supply drawer. However, if making drip coffee, my hands-down preferences are:

  • Seattle’s Best – Blend No. 4:  Seriously, like drinking liquid dessert; *not* available in a K-cup as of early 2017
  • Folger’s – Black Silk:  Good stuff at a great price

Thought you might like to know my java preferences.

Agree / disagree?  What do you think makes for good coffee?


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